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PU8-201 UV printer information

      Printable Size: 65cmX125cm
     8-Color Ink Tanks ,110ml/Color
     Industrial Type ,Enough To Print Large Quantities Of Media
     High-Printing Speed, A4 Full Color (1440dpi)/60 Sec.
     10 Cm Pringting Height
     Automatically Check Printing Height
     Automatically Online
     Print Many Media At One TimeĦĦ
     Saving Power Mode
     Low Input Cost
     Machine size:219*138*107cm
     PU8-201 FOB shanghai 12000us$

     Puffer UV machine using the latest LED cold light source technology, thermal radiation.
     Instant light without preheating, low deformation of the surface temperature of the printed material.
     The power consumption of 80W traditional mercury lamp for 3KW.
     LED with 25000-30000 hours long life.
     Using Epson's latest generation of nozzles, and intelligent distribution of the size of the dots, with higher than traditional UV machine printing accuracy.
     A print head 8 nozzle, dual 4-color high speed printing, allowing you to seize the initiative in the fierce market competition, and win more business opportunities.
     Puffer UV Flatbed-quality servo screw rail system.
     Compared to conventional mercury lamp UV Flatbed printer, do not contain mercury, it does not produce ozone, safer, more environmentally friendly.

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